Saturday, March 7, 2009

Scallopped Cabbage with Chicken

We had this on Wednesday night for dinner. It was quite tasty but would need some spices to taste. Maybe salt and pepper would even be good. I dint add any spices to make it have a taste. You can taste the cabbage which isnta problem for me, i love cabbage. But others might not. My 3 yr old thinks cabbage is lettuce and she loves lettuce so ill keep it that way. LOL She inhaled this dinner, only cuz it has tomatoes and so called lettuce in it and cheese on the top.

Also we had our asparagas taht we love. LOL It is sauted in lime juice and salt. You add quite a bit of salt on top of them as you are stirring them around. I usually squeeze 4-5 key limes(the little ones) into teh pan ontop of the asparags. And just let them saute for about 10-15 minutes stirring every now and then. They are so yummy.

Sorry for the pictures. Some night we forget to take pics before we eat teh dish and so these are Jez's half eaten plate of food. Mine was gone before i remembered to take pictures.

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