Saturday, March 7, 2009

Carrot, Celery, Apple Juice

So we got our juicer the other day and have been making grovery lists of what produce we need and i thougth we needed most of evrything. Well i was layingin bed this moring waiting fro jez to go to work and thought to myself what produce we had in the fridge and kept thinking i didnt have anything to make a drink but then it clicked that we had gotten carrots from teh store the other day so i jumped up out of bed(litterally, it scared Jez and he asked what i was doing and i said "I'm going to juice.") So i ran down stairs and sure enough i had carrots in the drawer of the fridge so i was off to get things ready to juice. Jez came down and said "Wow that was a fast trip to the store!!" LOL i said no we had them int he fridge. So here is our morning breakfast.

4 apples( i did 2 golden deliciou and 2 red(forgot the name))
4 celery
3 medium carrots(peeled)

Throw them all in the juicer and ENJOY!!!! We both liked this drink, you can taste all of the different ingredients but i was really good. I really love how well Jez has taken on the juicer. I thought he was going to kill me for buying it.

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