Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ready to Juice!!!

Well today i went and found some recipes for juicers and got some from the book that came with it and made a grocery list and went shopping. I have $80 bucks to spent and thought "Oh i will for sure stay under that!" Well i did surprisingly at $66 for all the produce i needed for another 2 weeks of juicing. Well i have it all put away and somewhat stored but need to get another storage for all these fruits and veggies. But here is what i have now.
In the above picture, in the bowl is oranges, grapfruit, peaches, and mangos. Also there is 4 bags of apples and a pineapple.

Sorry dont mind the beer int eh fridge, its not healthy but its what Jez's friend got him as a thank you gift fro all the help we have given him. LOL

In the top shelf is the water and then bananas behind it. My kids love to eat bananas so thats why we have them in two places. One where the kids can reach and eat them and then ones i have for my stuff, if i left them all in reach of the kids they would be gone and none for me. LOL In the first drawer is limes, lemons and tomatoes. The second drawer has onions( yellow, white, and red).

And this is our counter top. Here are more tomatoes that need to be used soon. LOL A cantaloupe and bananas. There are also two more bags of apples on the counter by the juicer but only like 3-4 in each bag.

Well that is our house now fulllllllllllll of fruits and veggies. Thank you to Neil that got me eating healthy. I will so thank him for the rest of my life for asking me to help him with recipes.

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