Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baked Oatmeal with Cranberries

Here is my first of the healthy meals or snacks that i am starting fro my Uncle. Well i started to look for recipes and started to notice that we have none the healthy recipe ingredients in our house. LOL So i had to make a grocery list and go shopping for alot. LOL It was fun tho to see what was healthy and what wasnt. I will admit i do have a few recipes for the next two weeks that arent all taht healthy but heathlier than what we were eating.

But here is our first Breakfast/Snack recipe.

I got it from the site above and couldnt wait to make it. Had an adventure finding the ingredients but also found a new store int eh mean time that i will shop now everytime i need groceries.

With this recipe tho i didnt use the exact ingrediaents, I have some troubles using the exact ingredients. LOL But i used orange-Cranberries instead of regular ones. And then i used peacons instead of walnuts. Only cuz we had a huge bag of peacons in our house.

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