Monday, January 12, 2009

Asian Shrimp Salad

Well i was lost on what to have fro dinner tonight and i told a friend of mine that i had 3 freezer bags of shrimp in my frezzer and she sent me a site that just had shrimp recipes. I thank her for that cuz then i got a meal made for dinner.

Here is the site for the recipes:

I hope you enjoy the pics of what we ate. We are suppose to eat them at lettuce wraps but we dotn buy the lettuce for that, The romain lettuce is somewhat healthier so we just cut up the lettuce and pilled the shrimp mixture on top of the lettuce.

I would recommend that you use lettuce wraps not to cut it up. Also we used a hard noodle not the chow mein noodles it calls for. and it was good but it might taste different witht he chow mein noodles.

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